Waiting for surgery

So you’ve made the decision, and you’ve been given a date. But now you have to wait.

For some of you it might not be long – maybe a week or two – and for others it might be a long wait – several months. It can be hard waiting, and your mind can get carried away!

Research … research…. research

Maybe there’s something you don’t know, or maybe there’s something you need to know, or maybe you feel like you need to read everything on the internet! I’m all for research, but bear in mind there is a time to stop. When you made the decision to choose surgery, did you feel you had enough information? Did your info come from reliable sources? Are you now reading some articles from sources that are definitely more suspect? Then perhaps it’s time to stop…

Looking for worst case scenarios

The worst type of research is when you start looking for negative stories. The internet is full of negative stories, on every topic you can imagine, but particularly when it comes to medical issues. Many years ago I googled about some back pain I was having and I read I’d probably need back surgery. I freaked out! But it turned out the website was talking nonsense. There are risks with any surgery, but don’t scare yourself with the worst stories… they may not even be true. It’s natural to look for information about what you’re getting into, and even to look for what the negatives might be, but it’s important to remember there are negatives with everything, and risks with everything. Every time you drive your car, you take a risk. Does reading horror stories about car crashes make you decide not to drive your car? Does it make you think a car crash is likely to happen to you? We deal with risk every day 🙂

Everything seems fine now!

Funny how the body can do this – whatever symptoms made you opt for a hysterectomy, you might find that they ease up! Which might make you think ‘oh maybe it’s OK, it’s going away!’. It’s perfectly natural to think that; after all no one really *wants* to have surgery. But try and remember the big picture… not just what it feels like today, but how it’s been affecting your life to this point.

So what should you be doing?

If you need distraction, channel your energy into prepping for surgery. You can tidy up your diet, maybe try and lose some weight (the fitter and healthier you are the smoother surgery should go). You can organise your house for when you come home after surgery – there are some useful things you can do beforehand. You can get a hospital bag together with everything you need in it. And you can stock up on things to pass the time when you’re recovering at home – get some Netflix ideas, buy supplies to try that craft you’ve been thinking about! You can also try and relax; take some time for yourself, do things that you enjoy. There are some more helpful articles and printables on the site:

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