Sources of information I trust

It can be hard to know what information online is fact, what is opinion, and what is lies. When you’re trying to decide whether to opt for surgery having trustworthy sources of information is very important! So you’ve found this site, which is great 🙂 but you might be wondering where else to go for information. I will be compiling a list here of useful sources and also of useful research papers I’ve found along the way. Currently the page is a bit sparse; the site is new and I’ve had a lot to do! More links will be added soon.

Here is a list of sources that I consider to be trustworthy:

The hystersisters website is a great resource for medical information. They have some video interviews with doctors and surgeons which I found very helpful:


You can’t go wrong with the Mayo Clinic as a source for medical information:

Mayo Clinic

If you’re looking for information about a particular drug, WebMD is a great place to start:



If you have fibroids these two Facebook groups are great sources for support and information (I run the first group along with 3 other great ladies!)

Uterine Fibroids: Medical Removal Support Group

Uterine Fibroid Support & Resource Group

If you’re looking for hysterectomy support the forum at HysterSisters is excellent, I particularly like the way they set up specific group sections for women having their surgeries on the same date – you can find your own hystersisters 🙂

Hystersisters forum