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Stuff to help!

I’ve created some resources to help you get through your surgery and beyond. There are also free downloads on these pages, so have a browse.

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Worksheets, colouring sheets, you need them I have them!

Click to take a look at worksheets to help you organise and plan, colouring sheets to help you keep track of the days, and flowcharts and infographics to help you decide what to do.

Many of these printables are free!


The e-book

Coming soon!

Basically, this website as a pdf. Buy it and read it wherever, in a more user-friendly form! Includes printables and extra information.

The survey results – in-depth

Coming soon!

Once the survey is up and running and generating results I will produce a pdf with a more in-depth analysis. I’ll make use of my academic experience to put together some relevant and useful analysis of womens hysterectomy experiences.  And don’t worry, it’s jargon-free and user-friendly!


Coming soon!

If you’d like a little more guidance and direction, I will be offering 2 e-courses. The first will be on diet and weight loss, and the second on relaxation, de-stressing and crafting. If you’re interested, click one of the links below:

Diet and Weight Loss

Relaxation, De-Stress and Crafting