The Survey

Everything you wanted to know about hysterectomy….

Creating a survey was one of the main driving forces behind making this website. When I was diagnosed with fibroids and was researching my options online I read a lot about hysterectomies. It’s a very emotive subject, and it’s hard to stay objective, but I did find myself wondering, where does this information come from?

Forums and groups are great sources of first hand information, but they aren’t an even sampling of the population. Generally speaking, if someone has a medical treatment and everything goes fine, they will move on with their life. Why would they hang out in a forum or group? But if they have a problem, well they’re going to be there, talking about it and asking for advice.

Blog posts are even more one-sided; they are the experience of one person. There are 600,000 hysterectomies performed in the USA in one year… how can you know if your experience will be like that one blogger? (I include my experience in this – I can tell you what happened to me but how do I know if that is what will happen to you!)

And lastly, there is a certain website out there (which I refuse to name here because I don’t want to give them any more traffic) that has a survey, and which shares those survey results. They present a very particular picture of hysterectomy – a negative one. And that’s because their survey is not well-designed (yes, I signed up and got them to send me the survey so I could take a look). With my post-grad experience it’s obvious to me the survey won’t gather useful information; instead it gathers information to present a particular point of view.

I have a scientific background and I want to run an objective survey, collecting as much unbiased information as possible from women who have had a hysterectomy, and share this with those thinking about having one. It’s the most objective way to get information!

The survey is not ready to be launched yet. If you’d like to hear when it does, either so you can complete it or so you can look for results, please sign up for this mailing list. You will only receive messages about the survey from this list!


Have you had a hysterectomy?

Please fill out the survey! I will warn you that it will take you some time, it’s quite an exhaustive survey because I’m trying to collect as much information as possible. Adding your experience will help other women!

Thinking about having a hysterectomy?

You can view the survey results here! These are the basic results, displayed in a way that I hope will make them easy to understand.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth analysis of the results you can buy my pdf in the store. It contains more comparison and cross-tabulation analysis (don’t worry, I have written it to be understandable by anyone!)