Chill out and de-stress e-course

Ideas for ways to relax

There have been a few times in my life where I struggled to keep calm. Things were a struggle, and I’d get lost inside my own head. When you’re contemplating surgery, or you have a date and are just waiting for it to come around, it’s easy to end up living inside your own head.


I’m putting together this course to give you ideas and tools to help deal with the stress that comes with surgery. There are things you can do, little things and bigger things, that can really make a difference, from hobbies to meditation.


This course will introduce you to a variety of ways to de-stress, relax, sleep better, and generally just try and get out of your own head 🙂

I’m still working on putting this course together! If you’d like to know as soon as it launches you can sign up to this mailing list. It’s specifically about the De-stress course, so you won’t get lots of other emails.