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If you’re considering a hysterectomy, or have one scheduled, the Hyster-Ready Club is the place to be. In it you’ll have access to:

Weight Loss Course – if you’re planning on losing weight before surgery, or eating more healthily after surgery, this course gives you all the no-nonsense info you need!

Chill out Course – struggling with stress or worry about your upcoming surgery? Let me talk you through some great ways to relax.

Exercise Information – not sure what exercise to do to get in shape or lose weight? Lost in the maze of online health advice? Let me navigate a path for you 🙂

Crafting tutorials – if you’re worried you’re going to be bored while recovering from surgery, don’t be! I have lots of ideas with clear instructions.

There will also be free printables, including colouring pages and journaling pages specifically designed for women having a hysterectomy.

When the survey is online and producing results, Hyster-ready Club members get free access to the more in-depth results.

And, of course, community! Membership of the Club will get you membership of my private Facebook group, full of information and support.

Interested? Sign up to the mailing list and I’ll let you know as soon as it opens!