Weight-loss e-course

Not a diet plan, just useful relevant information

We all know that weight loss is not easy. Let’s face it, if it was we’d all be the weight we wanted to be! But it’s one thing to think you might like to lose some weight, and it’s another thing to be told by your doctor that you need to lose weight, before surgery that you need to have. Or even just to think yourself, ‘if I lost some weight the surgery would go easier’ and then try to lose weight.

It’s hard. I’ve talked in some of my blog posts about the misinformation there is out there on the internet about hysterectomies, often from people trying to sell miracle cures. Well guess what. The dieting world is even worse. It’s full of people who will try to sell you miracle weight loss cures of all types, just to make a quick buck.


I put together this e-course to help women already suffering with fibroids or other issues, already struggling with getting their head around having a hysterectomy, know what’s good advice and what isn’t. My husband is a strength and conditioning coach and I’ve learned a lot from him in the 13 years we’ve been together. I’d like to share that down to earth information with you 🙂

So if you like the tone of this website, and would like tons of useful diet and fitness info delivered in the same kind of way, this course is for you!

I’m still working on putting this course together, but I have some topics I definitely want to cover. And no, I won’t be suggesting to stick to an exact diet! Those never work…

  • What’s in your food?
  • How to shop well
  • The myth of fat
  • What to eat, what not to eat
  • Can’t cook? Can cook!
  • Exercise or diet?
  • An overview of exercise

Of course all of this will come from the perspective of someone who has had fibroids, who knows alllll about comfort eating, and who has had a hysterectomy. I’m not some sprightly 23 year old trainer who doesn’t know what it’s like to lose weight, I’ve been around the block 😉

The Hyster-Ready Weight Loss course is coming soon! If you want to find out as soon as it launches (and there might be some special launch deals, you never know!) sign up to this mailing list. It’s just for the Weight Loss course, so you won’t get lots of other emails, just info on when it launches and what it’s going to include.